WORDS IN PEN: Children, Not the Ultimate Goal in Marriage Glorie Shekwosa Dauda.


Is having Children an ultimate goal in marriage?

This question is coming out of deep thoughts coupled with marriage issues that surrounds us as Africans especially as Nigerians.

When I read about the popular actress Nse Etim on BBC pidgin of how she removed her womb due to some health issues, I was disturbed felt some perturbation.

This is because the context of marriage has been pipelined to the fact that, the ability to have children is a revealed truth about a spouse sexual prowess. In our world today, especially African society; marriages are failing. It is devastating in the sense that a man’s impotence a woman’s infertility is related with her days of prime. This is when we hear from familiar faces who employ themselves with a task to crack open the heart of others into believing that the woman has had series of abortions that has led to some complications in the past.

Now, it is no longer easy for some of us to believe that in God’s original plan, some women weren’t registered to bear children in the world they are in fine fettle. It is as a result of this menace that we see listen to stories of mothers in law fathers in law in our beloved country Nigeria interfering in their child’s marital home pressuring their daughters in law as well to prove their innocence.

The bitter truth before us is that we should embrace the point of view that marriage is a journey of two who have signed in their lives to beckon the unforeseen no matter how seasons choose to paint them. It borders around companionship, which is basically the watchword because there are untold surprises the whole idea of marriage is one full package young people just take in accept all that comes with it.

There is no iota of doubt that having children is a mark that beautifies a home. But that is not all of it, because I have seen children who are heartaches to their parents, I have friends who are product of broken homes I am still unable to solve some puzzles about persons who are raised single parent while the second parent is still alive the provoking side of it all is that there are children who are no different from orphans but the tie that knocks them down is that their parents are still alive, all because of issues that spring up in the marriage, the children are aboned to struggle for survival to make ends meet.

Finally, may I say that giving birth to children alone should not be the ultimate goal in marriage.

– written Glorie Shekwosa Dauda

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